About Our Chairman

Mr. Ama Raj Dallakoti

We channelise our efforts under the astute leadership of Mr. AMA Raj Dallakoti (Chairman) a recruitment expert, talent hunter and motivational person. Having twenty years of experience, he has travelled extensively to United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, State OF Qatar and Kuwait for Business development.
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About Our MD

D.C. Ojha

Having over two decades of hands-on HR experience serving organisations from a variety of industries. HR Planning Certification, Certified Human Resource Professional designation, Award of Achievement in Human Resources. Spending almost two decades as a consultant assisting organisations with their HR challenges.

Prior to becoming a consultant, worked inside organisations championing HR strategies at the executive level, accomplishing results in practical cost-effective HR programs that improved business results, his Success stands for his dedication towards his “Three C philosophy”, Co-ordination, Co-operation and Communication. Putting self dedication and sincerity travelled Various Countries in the Gulf as well Malaysia and Singapore for various projects executed and involved.
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