In this Third Millennium Era 

Human Resources has become a highly and competitive industry reflecting several trends in the global market place, notably increasing the demand for skilled people consolidation among clients and employment service industry itself. Hence therefore as per our expertise for the past decade, our excellent network with The Overseas as well Domestic Clients, professionally managed with team professionals, who are recognized in the field of Human Resources, has helped innumerable Applicants reach the zenith of their career through our credibility, professional advice, promptness & ethical action.

Our Success stands for our dedication towards our “Three C philosophy”, Co-ordination, Co-operation and Communication. We manage these trends by leveraging established strengths including one of the employment service industry’s best recognized brands. Swiss HR Consult. (P) Ltd. Having, Govt. Reg, Number: 1192/073/074. Accredited with the DOFE Department of Foreign Employment, Nepal. Our strategy is focused in providing both the unskilled, skilled and professional workforce by offering a complete range of services including recruitment, assessment and selection, training, outsourcing consulting and professional services.

We look forward in achieving more success and fulfilling our mission toward our valued clients across the Globe keeping in mind the high standards of quality service through professionalism, ethics and accuracy.

Our Vision

To serve our nation to improve living standard by reducing unemployment ratio matching the needs of qualified candidates with the job demands of foreign companies with complete reliability, professional ethics and dignity.


We envision our self to be the most reliable name in recruitment industry and help our fellow workforce to improve their living standard and secure future.

Professional Ethics

We work within professional ethical boundary to satisfy needs of our clients and customers. Everything we do, we do with complete ethical professionalism.


We let our work speak on our behalf so that we don’t have to boast of our success our self. Dignity is what sets us apart. Our stakeholders are guaranteed success. We work with total dignity.

Our Mission

Is to provide wide Platform and a Gateway towards their career and destiny since our fellow Citizen and our Nation Holds such Name, Fame and dignity in every aspects of life.

Why Nepalese

Nepalese has always been on the top of the list since ages and are well known for their dedication, sincerity, bravery and trustworthiness all over the Globe.

Abundance of Skilled Workforce in Nepal

The size of skilled workforce in Nepal was almost 10 million back in (2010), and is expected to reach 15 million by (2020).


Recent reports indicate that Nepalese professionals are the world’s most dedicated, and have a high rate of engagement of 78%. It is directly reflected by their competence because it shows how capable they are of understanding the organization’s goals, and making major contributions.

Adaption and Flexibility

Perhaps, due to the richness of traditions, regional diversity, and high emphasis on education that makes Nepalese among the most versatile workforce in the world. One of the major contributors to its adaptability to foreign environments is its familiarity and fluency in English, the universal Language and Hindi as well. English Language is always the First in all the Private Education Institutions and Second Language in the Government Educational Institutions.

Our Moral Values

Honesty, integrity, accuracy and transparency.